• Scheduled Gutter and Roof Debris Cleaning

We set up a schedule to periodically clean gutters and adjust it as needed.   Keeping gutters clean and performing properly is crucial in preventing  numerous issues such as roof leaks, rotting siding, landscaping erosion and foundation issues.   

Scheduled Property Maintenance

Precise Roofing and Exteriors Partners with Multi-Family Clients to Offer Reliable and Speedy Service to their Customers.

​Direct involvement with our multi-family customers over the years has helped us build strong business relationships with Apartment Communities, Home Owner's Associations and Property Management Companies.  We have a clear understanding of the exceptional service that is required and are fully capable of assisting you meet your customer's needs.   

Roof Tune-Up

Consulting Services

  • Roofing Consulting Services 

Our consulting services are designed to offer a third party assessment of a previously completed roof project or simply offer information.   An assessment of a roof or property can be transposed into a detailed report offering an unbiased evaluation.       

Call or Text  ​​919-631-1187

  • Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Roof Tune-Up service includes inspection of all buildings' roofs, addressing minor roof defects and providing a detailed inspection report illustrating condition of every roof.  

  • The Detailed inspection report provides useful information on the state of every building and recommendations on any additional work that may be needed.
  • Gutter Cleaning can be implemented into Roof Tune-Up service.